Journalists In Newsroom At L.A. Times Are Campaigning for Union, Looking To Join Guild

Early in October, news broke of an ongoing campaign by journalists at the Los Angeles Times to form a union. Now all 50 members of the organizing committee have proudly and publicly signed a letter to their colleagues advocating for the union. They have also launched the Los Angeles Times Guild website to provide further updates and serve as a focus for support.


You can also follow their campaign on Twitter @latguild. Even better, you can use Twitter or the website to post a message of support, like these good folks here.

If you are a fellow Guild member or simply a staunch supporter of quality journalism and the hardworking journalists who make it possible, the courageous campaigners at the L.A. Times would love to see an expression of your support.

Just click on the image of the placard at the right to download an easily printable PDF and snap a picture of yourself holding it up. Then post it in a reply on Twitter or send it to the L.A. Guild website.

You'll help immensely with the campaign effort in Los Angeles and brighten the day of every Guild campaigner!

Guild Keeps Up the Fight To Save Community Journalism From Vulture Hedge Fund Owners At Digital First Media

Illustration by Victor Juhasz

Illustration by Victor Juhasz

Dedicated Guild workers within the DFM empire continue to blow the whistle on the attempt by hedge fund ownership to gut community journalism in favor of lining their own pockets.

Regular updated insights on the ongoing outrages can be found on the Alden Exposed website, dedicated to shining a bright light on the self-serving and journalistically destructive practices of Alden Global Capital, the shadowy hedge fund with its beak and claws currently embedded in DFM.

As their locked up homepage suggests, they don't much like attention. But Julie Reynolds of the Nation recently uncovered a personal mansion-buying binge by Alden Global founder and chief of investments Randall Smith. Apparently this is where he feels free to spend the money that's bleeding out of the newspapers DFM owns and the communities they serve.

If you'd like to send Mr. Smith a message, reminding him that ownership of community journalistic institutions comes with responsibilities, and is not just an opportunity to feather his own nest (or the many, many nests he seems to own) you can sign the petition here.

Check out the DFM Workers homepage for more background. Also, please follow @AldenExposed on Twitter, and maybe add your own commentary and send a personalized message to Mr. Smith and his Alden Global colleagues. When the vultures are this big it takes everybody's voice in order stand up to them!