Yakima Herald-Republic contract approved

Yakima Herald-Republic members met on Thursday night and approved their contract.

The new agreement includes 1.5 percent wage increases in 2011 and 2012 (except for copy editors, who will receive 75 percent of the increase or, 1.125 percent).

The contract calls for two more furlough days between ratification and the end of this year, and four more to be taken at any time between ratification and the expiration of the contract in 2013.

Other changes include a reduction in turnaround time between shifts, from 12 to 11, hours; new "on call" language for data-center employees;  retention of the concession on holiday pay made last year (but with Labor Day added to Thanksgiving and Christmas as days that can be paid under the old formula); increases to the employee share of dependent health-care costs (from 75% employer-paid in the first year to 70% in the second year and 65% in the third year);  and changes to 401(k) contributions.

Posted on September 20, 2010 .