Seattle Times layoffs

The Seattle Times this week informed the union of 11 upcoming layoffs from among our members in Guild and CWA units. (About 12 others from throughout the company also will be laid off.) Those being laid off have been contacted by their managers, and will be laid off effective Jan. 6, 2012, or Feb. 3, 2012, depending on the position and department. (These layoff dates bring their last day of employment into the beginning of those months, allowing them to be eligible for health benefits in those months.)

List of affected positions (least-senior people in these positions):

1 ad-design intake coordinator 1 ad clerk 1 graphic designer for marketing 1 lead news assistant 1 news assistant (full-time) 1 page-layout specialist in operations 2 ad sales associates

CWA/ITU Composing: 1 journey-level and 2 associates

Guild representatives will be meeting with the company as soon as possible to discuss effects of the layoffs, including the company’s severance offer for affected employees. The company’s offer of severance pay is as follows: 2 weeks of pay for employees with 5 years or less of service; 3 weeks of pay for employees with between 5 and 15 years of service; 4 weeks of pay for employees with 15 years or more of service.

The announcement also begins the 2-week volunteer period, in which others in these positions can choose to take the layoff in place of the less-senior employees scheduled to be laid off, and collect any severance benefits.

Posted on December 8, 2011 .