NOTICE: Guild Local Executive Board Nominations Now Open

OPEN OFFICER POSITIONS ON GUILD EXECUTIVE BOARD - NOMINATIONS AT GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 7 P.M. Every two years, your local Guild elects officers to serve on the local Executive Board. This year, we are likely to have at least two positions on the Executive Board open for new nominations. The biggest gap on the Board is being created by the impending retirement of long-serving Board-member and current Local President Ralph Erickson (Seattle Times Circulation). Over the years, Ralph has made enormous contributions both to the Seattle Times unit and the larger Guild local, most recently serving on the Seattle Times contract bargaining team. All of us in the Guild are deeply indebted to him for his many years of dedicated service.


The Executive Board is the main director of the routine business of the local Guild, on behalf of the general membership. Board officer positions are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Primary tasks include supervising the actions of the local's paid staff, approving and reviewing expenditure of local funds, and deciding routine local policy. Time demands are modest. Normally, the Board meets one evening a month at the Guild office in Belltown. Typically, meetings last between an hour and ninety minutes. There is no Board meeting during the month of July.

Paradoxically, the industry trends that have so greatly reduced our membership ranks (and cost us so many of our most experienced and active members) have also significantly reduced the burden of local administration. The local is much smaller than in was a decade ago, and we have only one paid staff member, the local Administrative Officer. Both the complexity and volume of local business are significantly less than in the past.

Still, it remains very important for us to have an active, engaged Board providing oversight for the local, so that we remain in conformity with our charter, bylaws, and the basic rules of union governance. Even if you have been intimidated in the past by the prospect of serving on the Board, we hope you will consider taking on this relatively straightforward but important task, on behalf of yourself and your fellow Guild members.


If you would like to know more about what's involved in serving on the Board, feel free to reply directly to this email, or give a call to the Guild office.

PROCEDURE FOR NOMINATIONS Nominations may be submitted at the November 13 General Membership meeting at the Guild office. They may also be submitted via email, or otherwise in writing, on or before November 13. You may nominate either yourself or another Guild member; however, election of anyone other than a self-nominee obviously requires the nominee's consent. If there is only one nominee for a position, election will be by acclamation.

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