New 2013-2016 Seattle Times Contract Approved

Voting on the proposed Seattle Times 2013-2016 contract concluded at noon today. A committee of Guild members tallied the ballots immediately following the close of voting. The proposed new contract passed by a clear majority of the ballots cast. It has been a long-standing Pacific NW Guild practice not to publish the numbers relating to internal votes. However, any member in good standing who wants more detail on the vote can contact the Guild office at 206-328-1190. Any member in good standing can also examine the ballots and voting materials at the Guild office upon request.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Thank you also to everyone who participated in the process along the way, by responding to surveys, attending issues meetings, sending in e-mails, talking with members of the committee, and communicating with fellow employees and Times managers. Critical comments and positive suggestions were equally important in directing our talks with the company. Regardless of whether or not you were satisfied with the final agreement, your voice and contribution were vital to any improvements and positive additions we gained in the final version.

All the upside to this agreement was fundamentally owing to YOU, because at the end of the day, you ARE the union. Thank you again for playing your part and supporting the bargaining team at the table.

Guild 2013-2016 Bargaining Team

Ralph Erickson (Circulation, Local President) Phil Kearney (Advertising) Karl Neice (News) Darryl Sclater (Local Administrative Officer) Darren Carroll (Guild International Representative)

To submit a question or comment, or if you have a work-related issue, please email Administrative Officer Darryl Sclater at or call the Guild office at 206-328-1190.

Posted on June 7, 2013 and filed under SEATTLE TIMES, BARGAINING.