How to support striking Teamsters

Does the number 174 ring a bell? For those who went on strike at the Times and PI 10 years ago, it should: That's the local number of truck drivers who went out in support of our strike. It's also the local number of those who are now on strike against Waste Management in Seattle.

The way to support them is a little different from a lot of strikes: It's not a boycott of services; it's the opposite.

See, the company is under contract with the city to provide trash-removal services. If they fail to provide the services, they get fined. Enough fines piling up moves them back to the table to make a fair deal with the Teamsters.

What you can do: If you live or work in the Waste Management service area, and your trash is not being removed when it's supposed to be, call in a report at 1-800-976-0071.

You can also form a Neighborhood Trash Watch. For more information, see

Posted on April 22, 2010 .