A few updates

We're moving!:After years in the same location, the offices of the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild are moving at the end of November to downtown/Belltown. We'll be sharing space with Communications Workers of America Local 7800 at 2122 Third Avenue. (We plan to keep the same phone number and e-mail addresses, so you should be able to reach us throughout the move.) The move will save the local some money on the rent, and will help us to forge closer bonds with another local in our CWA family.

Help, or be helped With the economy in such dire straits, more of our neighbors need help to get by. Puget Sound Labor Agency is the local union community's way to provide food aid, wheelchair ramps and other community services to those in need. Find out more about volunteering, donating and receiving help at: http://www.pslaonline.org. Also please consider donating to Puget Sound Labor Agency in your employer's United Way drive by naming them as an agency to which you'd like to give.

The "p" word Many of you do not participate in political matters because of a conflict of interest with your work. The information below is intended for others among our membership who might find it helpful.

State measures: If you're interested in which candidates and ballot measures favor workers' rights, check out http://www.wslc.org/cope/2010/10-WSLC-endorsements.pdf. If you'd like to learn more in depth about these issues or volunteer to talk with others about them, please see:http://www.wslc.org/cope/index.htm.

State Department of Printing: Last year, a number of bills took aim at the state's Department of Printing, which includes our Guild-represented composing unit. We may need your help next year trying to save these members' jobs.

COPE: If you'd like to help elect worker-friendly candidates for office, please consider making a contribution to CWA-COPE. Making donations in a pool with other union members makes a bigger impact, and sends candidates a strong message that workers' rights are important to you. You can donate online at: http://www.cwa-union.org/pages/cope.

Posted on September 30, 2010 .