Bargaining Opens For New Contracts At Seattle Times

A Guild bargaining committee met today with a committee from Seattle Times management to open negotiations on a new contract covering the news, advertising, and circulation departments at the Times.

A second meeting will be held tomorrow to open discussions on the separate contract for the Guild-affiliated Composing unit at the Seattle Times.

Representing the TNG unit today were PNNG Local President Phil Kearney (Seattle Times, Advertising), Rob Davila (Seattle Times, News), Barb Heller (Seattle Times, Circulation), and Darryl Sclater (TNG Sector Representative and acting local administrator).

Together with Sclater, Rena Mefford (Seattle Times, Composing) and Michelle Uhrbom (Seattle Times, Composing) will form the union committee for tomorrow’s meeting.

A full bargaining bulletin with details of both meetings will be posted following the conclusion of the Composing session.

Further scheduled meeting dates for the TNG contract are:

Wednesday, February 24
Friday, February 26
Wednesday, March 2
Friday, March 4

Additional dates for Composing are:

Monday, February 22
Monday, February 29

In accordance with the TNG constitution, all bargaining sessions are open to interested members of the bargaining units who may wish to observe. If you are interested in attending a session, please contact the Guild office regarding meeting times and room locations.

Posted on February 10, 2016 and filed under BARGAINING, SEATTLE TIMES.